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About Translite Enterprises

Translite Enterprises, Inc. is a U.S. and International wholesale bus glass and bus windshield distributor whose sole market is the bus industry. We have been servicing the industry with their bus glass and windshield replacement needs since 1993. Our experience in the bus glass industry dates back to 1934 through other family businesses.

Our mission is to provide the Bus Operator with the best option for their glass and windshield replacement needs. We seek to achieve our objective through the following goals:

Provide the lowest cost

Our goal is to give our customers the ability to keep their operating costs at a minimum. With every replacement bus glass and windshield product that we bring to market, we aim to provide the lowest cost option for a high quality product.

Provide the highest quality products

Translite prides itself for carrying the best quality aftermarket bus glass products in the industry. Within the brands that we carry our qualified manufacturers are in the United States. Whether we supply a domestic or imported brand, the quality standards must meet the North American levels that we are all accustomed to and trust.

Some of our manufacturers are OEM manufacturers to the bus and recreational vehicle industries for many glass and windshield items. We also have OEM relationships with bus manufacturers where we provide our product to their assembly plants.

In some other cases, our product was so well accepted in the market that it caused a leading bus manufacturer to change the production of their OEM windshields by establishing a relationship of their own with our manufacturer on those parts.

Our reputation for a quality product is our proudest achievement and is highly considered with every item we bring to market. It is never sacrificed.

Provide the safest method of shipping

We are confident that our shipping methods are the safest in the industry. We constantly work to improve such methods. Unlike other parts companies, our only products are glass and windshields. Therefore all our shipping personnel are uniquely trained for the sole purpose of these shipments. This allows them specific training that other companies are unable to take advantage of.

We also constantly monitor the success of our freight companies in handling our shipments. Any freight company that we use must show themselves to be a responsible and successful shipper of our products.

Provide the best customer service available to the industry

One of our key goals is to separate ourselves from our competitors through the quality of customer service we provide. We believe that a qualified well-trained customer service representative should handle all orders. All orders or inquiries can be made to a live representative.

When you call our customer service department, a trained representative whose goal is to immediately handle your request to your satisfaction answers the call. Our belief is that strong customer service is where our reputation is best served.

Provide ‘Customized Fleet Plans’ for complete needs to our contracted accounts

As an aftermarket supplier for bus glass, we aim to provide the most comprehensive supply of parts in our product line. However, since some bus fleets can have very unique equipment that is represented more strongly in their fleet than the industry as a whole, their needs demand special attention in order for us to have the appropriate supply. Therefore, we provide a special service for contracted accounts that will allow us to handle those special needs.

Our ‘Customized Fleet Plan’ is a program that studies the unique needs of a contracted account. We then do a thorough analysis of what new items we need to add to our product line. After set-up and tooling costs are evaluated, we then offer our customer a more complete program based on new items that we can offer. Since these added items may be unique to this fleet, contracts for future usage are in many cases needed.